Welcome to my photography site. Feel free to browse through the pictures arranged by catageory at the top of the page.

      Feel free to browse through my pictures. They can be found by category (e.g. Landscapes) in the navigation bar at the top of the page. If there is a category of pictures you are looking for, contact me as I do not upload every picture I take to this website (just what I think is worthy of print, and even then, only the best of the best make it). I may have already taken some pictures that apply to what you are looking for, and if I haven't and am able to can take specific pictures for you... so just ask!

      Please note, images on the site are low resolution (to save space); the prints will be made from the high resolution version. Also, all non-panoramic images can be printed to a maximum of 24 x 36 (or 36 x 24 depending on the orientation of the image), while panoramic images can be printed much larger (dependent on the panoramic image). Also, the panoramic images can be cropped to different sizes depending on the print size you want; in most cases the uncropped panoramic image is put up, allowing you to choose all or part of the image.